Photography & Video

Venue and Real Estate Photography

A photograph is worth 1000 words.  Visual content on-line , helps to engage your website visitors and enhances the verbal content of your website.  Good photography can illustrate, showcase, create impact and generate real interest in its subject.

It has been proven that the majority of visitors to your website will make an initial decision based solely on the photograph shown before making further enquiries.  Studies carried out by the ROI Manager Module have shown that the photo gallery sections of a website receive an average of 97, 6% of “clicks” by visitors who book online.
In some hotels (mostly in cities,) this rate was around 78%. However, there were also cases when the rate reached as high as 100%.

Photos of a venue depict the style, the personal “character” and the target group of guests. Vivid imagery seizes people’s imagination and thus a professional photographer must expose the “magic” of the hotel or the precise location, with the aim of captivating its audience. At the same time, quality photographs should provide potential hotel guests with a clear picture of what they will expect prior to actually booking a reservation.

Hospitality professional photography is an investment and shows an attitude of the venue and a self respect of the owner (or management) to their own business.

Our photographers have many years of experience in photographing both interiors and exteriors of buildings and venues.  We ensure that we create optimum lighting, composition and exposure to achieve the highest quality results to enable you to best market your venue of business.

Our photography and Video services include:

  • Real Estate Photography
  • Venue Photography (Hotels, Guesthouses, Conference venues, Restaurants, Shopping Malls, etc.)
  • Warehousing Photography
  • Installation and Plant Photography
  • Panoramic 360 stills Photography
  • Interior and exterior architectural photography
  • Gardens and landscaping photography

We use professional studio lighting on every shoot – both inside and outside  – to best display your venue.  Lighting is paramount to creating stunning venue and real estate images.