How We Work

To ensure that you, the Client,  has absolute confidence and is never left in the dark, Virtual Tours Photography has a defined and clear workflow process that we have refined over time.  We use this workflow with every virtual tour that we produce.

We follow a very similar process with our still photography projects and video productions.


Once you have made contact with us, we meet with you in person (or if that is not possible, we telephone you) to ensure that we fully understand your requirements.    Once you are comfortable with the options available, you decide on the parameters of the shoot.


Before the shoot, we provide you with a comprehensive brief to help you prepare your venue or property for the day of the shoot.  Depending on the size of your property, a photoshoot can take anywhere from one hour to a whole day.  On very large projects spread over many locations, this can take several weeks.  We plan this together with you to ensure the very best photographic results, while minimising any disruption to your operations.


This is where the real “magic” happens. This is a detailed and intensive process.

Once the shoot is completed, using state-of-the-art software, we optimize panoramas (or scenes) before combining them into a seamless and immersive 360° virtual tour – according to your predefined specifications.


After completion of our internal quality control processes and once we are satisfied that we have satisfied your specified criteria,  we upload the tour to our servers and provide you with a link to the live preview.

You then review our work against your specified requirements.  During your review and pending your approval, we are available to address any questions or concerns you might have about your tour.

(At this stage in the process, as you (the client) for the first time “see” the project coming together, it is often the case that clients request minor changes or additions to the original scope of work.  We will willing oblige, wherever possible to accommodate minor changes without charge.   Additions to the scope of work will incur additional costs which will need to be agreed).


Once you have approved your virtual tour, we will provide you with a full “web-ready” package containing your virtual tour.  It is then over to your in-house IT people (or your outsourced IT support company) to publish the virtual tour on your website.  This is a very straight-forward process and we will always be there to assist, if necessary.



We use only top of the range professional photographic equipment specifically suited to producing panorama images of the highest optical quality and resolution.

We NEVER use iPhones, consumer DSLR cameras or other products not specifically designed for high quality / high resolution professional photography.  [click on the image below to open a larger view]




Our workflow process to produce a virtual tour begins with a comprehensive consultation with the client prior to commencement of shooting and post-production, so as to ensure that the scope of the project is fully understood and appropriately planned for.

We do not therefore, provide rough estimates of cost or quotations prior to this crucial planning meeting.  [click on the image below to open a larger view]



At the time of hand-off we will provide you with a similar sheet to that below –  clearly indicating how to upload your virtual tour to your website.  This is a simple process that requires limited web design knowledge and skill.  If you have an IT Department or service provider, they will quickly manage this process for you.  [click on the image below to open as a PDF]

hand-off-support document