Our Services


Virtual Tours Photography is based in Gauteng, South Africa and offers the full spectrum of photographic and video services to best market your property or venue.

Still Photography and Video

  • Real Estate Photography
  • Venue Photography (Hotels, Guesthouses, Conference venues, Spas, Stadiums, Shopping Malls, Restaurants, Schools, etc.)
  • Warehousing Photography
  • Installation, Factory and Plant Photography
  • Panoramic 360 Photography
  • Interior and exterior architectural photography
  • Gardens and landscaping photography
  • Office Parks and Business Photography
  • Any other location that would benefit from on-line marketing

360º Virtual Tours

We offer a range of interactive 360° virtual tours incorporating a rich variety of features in order to produce a personalised, high-quality presentation that works specifically for your business.

  • still photographs of your interior venues and bedrooms as well as exteriors and gardens.
  • single 360° panoramas – both interiors and exteriors.
  • comprehensive 360º virtual tours complete with custom-designed user interfaces
  • our individual and personal approach will ensure all your requirements are met.

The best tourphotography need the best equipment!  We use only top of the range specialized professional photographic equipment and highly sophisticated virtual tour stitching and rendering software to provide you with the most advanced and up-to-date virtual tours available in the market today.  All of our tours are fully optimized to view at full screen in stunning high definition and clarity.

Whether your audience are limited in their technical knowledge or have grown with technology since birth, they will be able to navigate our tours due to their user-friendly navigation design. Furthermore, there are no special apps or downloads necessary in order to view our tours.

Where we Work

Based in Gauteng, South Africa.

Virtual Tours Photography travels throughout South Africa to fulfill client requirements..  We are fully equipped and very used to traveling to countries north of the South African border.  Our uniquely equipped 4×4 vehicles allow us to travel to even the most remote locations – to work our photographic magic!

Unless we are traveling to the Indian Ocean Islands to execute a shoot, we avoid air travel as far as possible.  Our purpose-designed and built 4×4 rigs provide us with the perfect platform from which to conduct our work.  This is true for the most congested city or for remote and isolated locations.  We work from our purpose-designed and fully equipped trucks.


Why Choose Us?

Our clients prefer that we are small, expert and dedicated – providing exceptional client service.  We use only top of the range flagship photographic equipment and cutting-edge software.  We keep all work processes in-house. We do not rely upon 3rd Party photographers or virtual tour developers.

We fully dedicate ourselves from start to finish to your particular project.  In this way, we have full control of the quality product that you will receive on completion of your brief.

We listen – and we advise.